Water Heater Installation, Repairs & Maintenance

Be it a routine maintenance inspection, or simple repairs or even replacement or installation of your water heater, we are the best choice for you! Vortex Plumbing Inc is one of the most diverse yet comprehensive plumbing solutions that you could come across. Our team of experienced people not only assess you problem, but also guide you and tell you what needs to be done to keep your water heater running in great condition.

We do all kinds of repair as well as routine maintenance, which can range from general cleaning of the water heater to flushing and cleaning out the firebox. In case there are simple repairs we treat that too, which is usually for the thermal couple, or T & P valve. Sometimes we get to work on water heaters where the control valve needs to be replaced. Under the circumstances we advice the client on where they can buy it or we can offer to supply it ourselves. We also warn the clients about the condition of the water heater and whether it can be susceptible to tank failures and if at all they need to install a new water heater system.

Why is Water Heater Maintenance Important?

You need to keep the water heater area clean and clear of all obstructions. It is better to avoid keeping things on top of it. Sometimes people keep soaps or cleaning material around and the chemical present in them may have a corrosive effect on the heater. In spite of the fact that the water heater comes with a manual with an instruction guide, most people ignore them and wait till the last minute when it has to be replaced, to call in a plumber. In case you don’t have the time, give us a call and we would do the regular maintenance of the heater for you.

When you call our team from Vortex Plumbing Inc, the expert plumbers would also show you how to maintain the system as well as noticing any leaks and damages in it. Often many of our client’s panic because they see the heater leaking thinking that it needs to be replaced, in reality it might be a matter of a small repair.

Water heater services Bellevue

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If the tank has a leak, then it might need a replacement, we could tell you that after an inspection is done.  Our water heater replacement systems consist of removing the old heater and replacing the shutoff valve and supplies.

Amongst the different kinds of water heater services we give our clients, advising them on which brand to buy and what to look out for s also something we do.

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