Sewer Inspection Sumner

Trenchless Sewer Inspection for Sumner Property


Choked sewer lines can make a huge mess and they can create all sorts of problems. The worst thing about this scenario is that you do not know what or where the problem lies. However, relief can be found when you hire a company for sewer camera inspection.

Vortex Plumbing, Inc. provides high quality services for trenchless sewer inspection for Sumner, WA residents. You can call us for trenchless sewer inspection if you experience any:

  • Foul odors
  • Sewage water backing up the toilets
  • Water pooling in the yard
  • Slow-draining or blocked drains

You can trust our skilled and trained technicians to carry out trenchless sewer inspection as part of our high quality services. Not only will they conduct the sewer line inspection but also offer trenchless sewer repair as and when required.

What is a Sewer Camera Inspection?


The process of sewer camera inspection is done to determine the cause and location of a sewage problem. In this procedure, the sewer camera inspection equipment is lowered down the sewer and allowed to travel to the main line. The camera takes snapshots and live pictures, which are viewed on the monitor above.

These pictures show the cause and location of the problem, making it easier for our team to then fix it. We have been providing sewer camera inspection services for Sumner residents for a long time. Using the sewer video inspection is beneficial in a number of ways, as it provides:

  • A quick way to know the cause of the problem
  • An accurate map of the exact location of the problem
  • Safety; humans do not have to go down the manhole

With us as the company conducting the sewer camera inspection, you can rest assured that everything is in safe hands. We are adept at such inspections and can provide viable solutions to alleviate the problems you’re experiencing.

Why Do Sumner Residents Choose Us for a Sewer Inspection?


With the plethora of companies offering trenchless sewer inspection services in Sumner, choosing the best one can be a daunting task. However, to ensure that you choose a reliable and reputed company, you must do your research. You can always choose us for trenchless sewer inspection if you want a company that is:

  • Experienced
  • Professional
  • Affordable

We will not only provide the sewer scope results but also provide the best services to clear the blockage.

If you require sewer inspection for a persistent problem and you are looking for the help of a recommended company near Sumner, call Vortex Plumbing, Inc. at (206) 430-1919.

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