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Sink Repair & Resurfacing Services for Tukwila Residents


Having problems with the bathroom or kitchen sink plumbing in your Tukwila, WA property? Turn to Vortex Plumbing Inc for high-quality sink repair services. You need your sinks to work at top efficiency, whether for washing veggies in the kitchen or cleaning hands and teeth in the bathroom.

However, these heavily-used plumbing fixtures can develop issues.Some situations where you need to call our kitchen or bathroom sink repair experts include when your sink:

  • Starts leaking or dripping
  • Has low water pressure
  • Is draining very slowly or not at all
  • Gets chipped, scratched or broken

No bathroom or kitchen sink repair job in Tukwila is beyond the capabilities of our plumbers. We offer an array of sink repair and resurfacing services. From how to fix a hole in a porcelain sink to how to fix a sink drain stopper to repairing a bathroom sink crack and more, our technicians are well versed in plumbing repair.

Bathroom and Kitchen Sink Plumbing in Tukwila


The bathroom and kitchen sink plumbing include a number of components, including the sink, faucets, drain, piping, and garbage disposal connection. Breakage or malfunctioning of any of these can cause a tremendous amount of inconvenience in your daily life.

Having professional bath and kitchen sink plumbing installations done in your Tukwila property is the best way to ensure years of hassle-free usage of your sinks. Hire us to be sure of a flawless job completing your bathroom and kitchen sink plumbing.

Other than installing bath and kitchen sink plumbing in new constructions, our technicians:

  • Handle sink installations to upgrade bathrooms in existing properties
  • Are trained at replacing drain pipes under the kitchen sink
  • Know how to install a kitchen sink in a new countertop and much more

Why Call Us for Kitchen & Bath Sink Installation in Tukwila?


When it comes to sink installation in Tukwila properties, the services delivered by our company are second to none. You can call us to install kitchen sink in a new home or for a bathroom sink installation to replace the old one that cannot be repaired.

We appreciate that bath and kitchen sink plumbing is a critical component of any property and can be a costly investment. So, we make sure that all our sink installation jobs are completed with:

  • Industry standard products
  • Utmost care
  • Thorough professionalism
  • Excellent customer service

To schedule a sink repair or sink installation services in Tukwila with Vortex Plumbing Inc, call (206) 430-1919.

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