What is Benefits of Camera Inspection?

Posted By: vortex 10 January 2019 | 3:17 amwith No comments yet
camera inspection

There is a common question of what is camera inspection or sewer camera inspection. It is the method to check the condition of the sewer lines and the presence of blockages if any. Sewer camera inspection uncovers the mystery of many problems in the sewer line. Specially modified waterproof cameras are used for the inspection of the sewer lines to find the problems. In other words we can say that the purpose of sewer camera inspection is to determine the condition of the sewer lines of the property. The camera inspection of sewer lines of a residential or a single family home would take a maximum of one to two hours.

A prior and thorough inspection of the sewer lines of a house is very necessary to ensure that they are in fully functioning condition. The sewer system of our house is similar to the artery system of our body. The blood veins carry blood from one part of our body to another and if any type of blood clotting is formed our whole body may suffer from it or that specific place may suffer from pain, similarly if the sewer lines are blocked there may be various problems in the sewer system like sewage backup and many more. So also it is advised by the experts that before the maintenance of the sewer lines of the property a thorough inspection of the sewer lines must be done to get the whole idea about the problem. 

Another important reason for the requirement of the camera inspection of the sewer is that if the cleaning of sewers is done recently by snaking or plunging methods and still the water flow is very slow then you cannot again call the plumbing services and order the drain cleaning once more as it would be costly for you. So you can ask for the camera inspection of your pipes and see if the debris inside the pipes were cleared properly or not or have clogged up the drains again. There could be one more reason if the snaking was done with wrong type or wrong size of snake then it may also damage the pipes hence without knowing this performing the drain cleaning would give you nothing but a long list of bills without any results. A camera inspection also gives you the idea to start some preventive methods for your sewer lines as the pipes start corroding after a period of time or becomes clogged often due to the galvanizing of the sewer walls. So some preventive steps can be taken by you to stop the often clogging of your drains or giving it a proper maintenance before it breaks up or damages permanently.

A sewer camera is a flexible and rigid camera inspection specially designed to move through the drain pipes with ease and turn at the joints or turnings easily. They are made to endure the flow of water and the collision of the debris present in the lines. These cameras are fully waterproof cameras and are very costly. As the cost of cameras are high. Working with these cameras should be careful and should only be performed by the trained workers or if it breaks it gives a loss to the agency. The camera moves through the drain and collects the images from the pipes and sends on the visual screen of the technician with the help of live footage method. These gives the technicians the whole idea of the problem in your drain and he can offer you the correct advise of what you should do and not to do.