How to use a Plumber’s Snake?

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plumbing snake

Plumber’s Snake

The plumbing pipes are responsible for the flow or circulation of water from supply or
the flow of water through the drains. Over a long time, there may be formed buildups in
the drains due to hairs, grease, food wastes, plastic wastes etc. These may result in the
blockage in the water flow, causing various problems with the drainage system or may
cause leaks in the pipes. Hence snaking is done on a regular basis to keep these
problems away.

Snaking is an easy, handy and cheap process to clear up your drains.
Minor build-ups can be cleared up by various snaking methods or some homemade
solutions. If the accumulation of the debris has gone beyond the limits of your clearance
then you must seek the help of plumbers to clear up the clogs.

How the plumber snake works.

The plumber unclogs the pipe with the help of a plumbing snake also known as
plumber’s jack. The jack clear’s the debris of the pipes to maintain the flow of water in it. One of the pipes is fitted with a flexible auger which feeds into the
pipe. The auger at the tip of the plumber’s jack attaches itself with the debris. At the
other end of the pipe, a crank is fitted which could be either manual or automatic which
rotates the auger when attached to the debris clogged up in the pipes.

snaking tool

The wastes like hair, wrappers, food wastes and the sediments bought up with the
water get collected inside the pipes slowing down the flow of water inside the pipes. The
professional plumber solves this problem with the help of a plumbing snake. The auger
fitted to the snake is put inside the pipe which is affected and the auger is moved
vigorously. By the quick movement of the auger the clog breaks up and the pipe is
cleared up by flowing water through the pipe with a little bit of high pressure. You can
get rid of the clogs through various domestic methods which are handier and less
harmful than the many chemicals which are used to clear up the clogs even the snaking
process is also completely natural and does not harm the environment in any way.

snaking process

Snaking is the easy method as well as it is very cost efficient but if the buildup is more it
cannot be cleared by mere snaking it will require a high-pressure system to flush out the
debris which will cost you much more than snakes. So we must maintain the clearance
of the pipes regularly and do not let the debris to get jammed up more than the limit that
could be cleared by snaking. Other methods may also be time exhaustive and may
cause various issues with your work. You can also remove the grease in your
pipes very easily by a homemade solution. Boiled Water with some vinegar works very
well to clear the greased materials. The boiled water will melt the grease sticking on the
pipes and vinegar will cut the grease from the drain walls and these may save your
time and your money both.