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Sink Repair & Resurfacing Services for Sumner Residents


Over time, several problems can crop up with the bathroom and kitchen sink plumbing in any Sumner, WA property. These can range from minor irritants like unsightly scratches and leaks to big damages like huge cracks and gaping holes.

Thankfully, Vortex Plumbing Inc is here to fix all kinds of bathroom and kitchen sink plumbing damages. Our company provides kitchen and bathroom sink repair services to restore the efficiency of sinks.

We also offer resurfacing solutions to remove signs of wear and restore sinks to their original condition.We offer the solution to sink repair requirements in Sumner homes as well as commercial properties.

Our technicians can carry out sink repair and resurfacing on all types of sinks, whether made of:

  • Stainless steel
  • Acrylic
  • Porcelain

Call us today to schedule bathroom or kitchen sink repair services. You can also hire us for any sink installation.

Bathroom and Kitchen Sink Plumbing in Sumner


The kitchen and the bathroom are two of the most important parts of any property. The plumbing of your sink is one of the most critical components of these spaces.

High-quality bath and kitchen sink plumbing in your Sumner property is a must to maintain its:

  • Efficiency
  • Comfort
  • Hygiene
  • Resale value

That is why it is important to use only proven pros like us for all your bathroom and kitchen sink plumbing work. You can depend on us for flawless sink installation, repair, and replacement services.

We employ hand-picked technicians who know everything about bathroom and kitchen sink plumbing, including how to do bathroom sink crack repair, how to replace bathroom sink drain pipe, how to connect pipes under the sink, how to install double kitchen sink plumbing, and much more.

Why Call Us for Kitchen & Bath Sink Installation in Sumner?


As the plumbing fixtures you use a lot day in day out, the kitchen or bathroom sink must be installed correctly. Call us for sink installation in your Sumner home or business place if you want to enjoy years of hassle-free use of these fixtures with minimal visits by sink repair technicians.

There may be many plumbing companies around offering sink installation services. Some reasons why we are the right company to hire for kitchen and bath sink installation include that we:

  • Take pride in doing quality work
  • Give top priority to customer convenience and satisfaction
  • Are licensed and bonded

Let Vortex Plumbing Inc take care of all your sink repair and installation needs in Sumner. Contact us at (206) 430-1919.

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