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Sink Repair & Resurfacing Services for Renton Residents


Over time, the bathroom and kitchen sinks in your Renton, WA property starts showing signs of wear. Dull finish, scratches, chips, and stains are some issues that impact the appearance of the sink and mar the kitchen or bathroom decor.

There also can be problems such as damaged drain seal, debris build up in the drain pipe, cracked bowl, and broken drain stopper that hamper the functionality of the sink.

Vortex Plumbing Inc offers professional solutions for all types of sink plumbing issues. We can:

  • Do sink repair so the sinks working efficiently
  • Perform sink resurfacing to give a new look to worn-out sinks
  • Replace bathroom sink drain pipes and other components

Call us today to discuss your bathroom sink repair or kitchen sink repair needs in Renton. We handle sink repair and rejuvenation jobs in homes as well as commercial properties.

Bathroom and Kitchen Sink Plumbing in Renton


We also specialize in bathroom and kitchen sink plumbing installations in Renton properties. If you are looking for trained professionals to handle sink installations in your newly constructed property or want to upgrade the sink plumbing in your existing property, give us a call.

Our company is staffed by highly skilled, experienced technicians with in-depth knowledge of bathroom and kitchen sink plumbing. Our experts know not just how to fix a bathroom sink leak or how to fix a hole in a porcelain sink, but also how to plumb a bathroom sink, how to install double kitchen sink plumbing, how to install a kitchen sink drain and much more.

You can trust us to handle your bathroom or kitchen sink plumbing installation job:

  • Professionally
  • With incredible customer service
  • Surpass industry standards as well as your expectations

Why Call Us for Kitchen & Bath Sink Installation in Renton?


When hiring kitchen or bath sink installation services for your Renton property, the worst thing you can do is opting for economy over quality. You may save a few dollars initially but will pay a lot more in the long run.

Below-par workmanship with a sink installation will have you:

  • Facing inconvenience due to sink plumbing issues
  • Spending money on frequent sink repair services
  • Replace your sink prematurely

Call us for kitchen or bath sink installation to make sure the job is done correctly, affordably, with the best customer service in the area.

Need kitchen or bathroom sink repair services or new sink installation in Renton? Call Vortex Plumbing Inc at (206) 430-1919.

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