Why Hydro Jetting is Important to Clean Pipes?

Posted By: vortex 03 January 2019 | 2:31 amwith No comments yet
Water Jet Sewer Cleaning Seattle

Hydro jetting is the best option to clear up the pipes and keep the flow of the sewer smooth or work properly. Blockage in plumbing system may make the drains to a clogged and causing decrease in the pressure of water flow, may also contaminate the water supply, and can also make cracks in drain walls due to increase in the pressure due to clogged water in it. If you are facing these problems you should call Vortex we are the best for you. Vortex is a renowned company. Hydro jetting may seem to be very easy but actually, it is very hard and need skilled hands or you may end up damaging your drain pipes even more.

In a hydro-jetting machine, a pressure jet is present which builds up high pressure in the hydro-jetting machine producing a very high pressure of 140 bar to 1400 bar pressure which is enough to remove the build-ups and the grease on the drain pipes of many of the industries and residential. This much high pressure requires attention and skilled plumbers so no accidents occur and the pipes are also kept undamaged. There are many range of hydro jetting machines suitable for different types of job requirements such as for residential drain cleaning does not require a pressure of 14000 bar pressure but will be done at a pressure of 140 to 300 bar pressure but for big industries the chemicals greased up on wall does not clear up easily hence a very high pressure of 1400 psi is needed.

Hydro jetting

   Snaking or rodding is also a process of clearing up clogged drains and are very cheap they may cost up to $100 – $250 it is not much effective and can not clear up a large amount of debris clogged up in the drains. But hydro jetting on the other hand clear twice as much as the snaking or rodding process with less labor and time. It can cost more than the above process but is more efficient and requires less labor and time. It may cost from $350-$500 on an average. This method is used by professional plumbing contractors. Snaking may also damage your drainage if the type or size of the snake rod used is wrong. The snaking may not clear up your pipe properly which after some time may again cause you the trouble and again you have to face the same problems and calling the plumber will again cost you money. So it’s better to use an expensive service in this way you will have to face the disturbances once only and will not have to call the plumbers every month or every week.

    In hydro-jetting process water from a nozzle is forced down the sewer with a very high pressure clearing the clogging and the grease build ups in the sewer pipes. A hydro jetting is powerful enough to break the trees and roots clogged up in the sewer which are the major reason of sewer blockages. The hydro jetting has it’s two key objectives :

  1. To break up the blockages in the sewer lines. Hydro jetting is so powerful that it can break up the toughest blockages.
  2. Hydro jetting also washes up the walls of the sewer lines and keeping the sewer lines and its walls undamaged.