Drain Cleaning and unblocking

Leaking faucets and drains wreaking havoc in your kitchen or bathrooms can be a complete nightmare, and more so when you don’t know how to control it. If any of you have been experiencing the same, and your life has become chaotic with blockages, slow water or horrible smelly drains then you must know that something is seriously wrong and it is perhaps the best time to call in the experts. At Vortex Plumbing Inc, we have the experience to handle this kind of situations because our team has literally seen it all, from drain cleaning to un-blocking; we’ve fixed more drains than you would know of!

How Did I Get a Clogged Drain?

But before you go about pressing the alarm buttons, maybe you need to know why drains get blocked?

Most blockages are caused by a buildup over time of dirt, foreign objects, leftover food, grease, etc, but whatever be the cause, it has a bad effect on your drain and can be very problematic too. Not only does it smell bad but you might have foul water spilling over, overflowing toilets, etc till the time when the blockage is removed and the water runs freely again. In such a situation when you call the plumbing team, they help in removing the apparent obstruction or even repairing any possible structural defects so that the drain is functional again.

When you face drain clogging or overflowing, give us a call and we shall send over our well trained team of experts who will take a look at your drains and try an identify the problem. Not only do we have the adequate tools for this but we also diagnose the problem with cameras built within the tools to check on the exact nature of the problem.

We often use high-pressure water jetting or even removing any obstructions within the drain to restore free flow of water and avoid the clogging.

The CCTV inspection of the drains is a great way of understanding the exact nature of the problem and our team carries these equipments when we receive a call reporting drain clogging.

Many Ways to Unclog Drains

Among the many other methods used to stop drain cleaning and clogging some of the most common methods used are Hydro Jetting, which uses high pressure water jets to remove the excessive build up of debris that has accumulated in the drain. The pressure of water often flushes it away making the pipes clean and working like new again. Manual Roding is also done often as well as replacing the drain pipes if the situation is excessively bad.

All the technicians at Vortex Plumbing Inc are directly employed and trained by us, so that you know that they are directly under the company responsibility and perform their duties diligently. Call us in case of an emergency and we shall not only visit you but not charge you for diagnosing the problem!

We make sure that the customer is satisfied with the work and that has contributed to the company’s growth too. Call us today to see what we can do for you!

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